11 July 2019
"A tip for lovers of two-chord songs, Canshaker Pi and consorts -
three members of The Klittens even play in Canshaker Pi side-project Personal Trainer."

21 January 2020
''Manic Dixi Dream Girl is a powerhouse song, determined and confident in its essence, but with lyrics that speak of and to troubled minds: “overall comfortable but not afraid to die” is only one of the hit-the-nail-on-the-head moments of the song. (...) Manic Dixi Dream Girl is a worthy debut for a band that we most certainly haven’t heard the last of. A massive shoutout to the Netherlands for producing such wonderful talent and sharing it with the world. In music we stand united.''

17 January 2020
"At midnight, the girls from The Klittens kick off. They do that in an extremely charming and disarming way. They don't take attitude, but play pop music straightforwardly."
26 February 2020
''The Klittens: bleeding gums and British dreams. Five-piece
fuzzpopband has been adopted by the Amsterdam indie scene
and is now aiming for the U.K.''

15 March 2020
'Once you hear a piece of music such as ‘Bleeding Gums’ you don’t forget it easily, that’s not to say it’s an instant earworm. (...) You think you know where you stand with The Klittens until they serve up a sonic curveball.'
31 July 2019
"They played the Star and Shadow (Newcastle, UK) with confidence and power, making
no mistakes and protruding nothing but lively indie sounds."
27 February 2020
Brand New Kink (interview starts -38:43)
24 April 2020
'In casual devil-may-case fashion, these five girls conjure an infectious brand of guitar pop that oozes swagger.'
11 July 2020
'Their first cassette EP, Pigeonhole, an interesting and promising debut which hosts three tracks, each of which displaying a different sonic feel whilst at the same time nailing potent and frequently feministic lyricism, a combination that makes the band ironically hard to pigeonhole.'
31 July 2020
'The Klittens present Google Translate at its best with Liebe Resi. (...) For the music video the ladies each went to work with an (improvised or not) greenscreen, which would undoubtedly have been a very bad idea for many bands. Not for The Klittens, who are not averse to a nice game of DIY.'

28 February 2020
'Bleeding Gums' featured on Rough Trade's Counter Culture Spotify Playlist
30 August 2020
'In the meantime, LUWTEN, MICH and The Klittens show how well it is with indie bands from their own country. They hold up effortlessly in the fountain on new tips.'
20 September 2020
'On stage, hot newcomer band The Klittens appeared, on the dance floor models appeared in colorful short Elzinga Studio dresses, exaggerated shapes and prints that burst the lust of existence, in a simple silhouette.'
27 February 2021
''The German lyrics work really well, it makes it
even more postpunk. May I call this band one to watch?''
13 February 2020
Listen here to 3FM Toonladder
"From The Klittens to F.L.E.U.R.I."
April 2021
Our cat was lost and thanks to Paradiso Amsterdam our A0-posters were hanging all around Amsterdam for two weeks. KINK FM did an item about it live on the radio.
June 2021
Japanese merchandise shop Diskunion Girlside made a mini-zine about us with an interview in support of the sales of our t-shirts and cassette-tapes in their webshop.
15 October 2021
''There’s always been a nonchalance to The Klittens’ music, a sense that these five have decided that it doesn’t really matter if you may not be the most skilled instrumentalist as long as you write the coolest songs on the block. And while that devil may care attitude is definitely still present in new offering ‘Canned Air’, it also seems as if there’s a newfound ambition to the track.''
15 October 2021
''Congruently, 'Canned Air' masterfully works its way to a cathartic punk rock release.''
22 October 2021
''It’s early days, yet already The Klittens feel like a band who are onto something special, don’t be surprised if these new Dutch masters end up making a very big splash.''
1 November 2021
''What makes Canned Air so special, is the vocals. (...) It would be a mess if
they wouldn't do that with such careless precision.''
22 November 2021
''With this release, The Klittens have made a statement about the kind of music they’re going to
put out going forward and it promises to be unusual and enticing in a very exciting way.''
2 November 2021
''Charmed by the outfit’s knack for frankness and writing our new
favourite breakup song, we chatted with 3/5 Klittens —Kat, Laurie and
Michelle—about growing closer together through the realization of “Canned Air.”''
Both 'Bleeding Gums', 'Canned Air' and 'Herkenbosch' have been featured on Matt Wilkinson's playlist on Apple Music.
12 January 2022
''The Klittens found their footing as one of the more promising acts from the low countries, oozing the swagger of their DIY beginnings to a more ambitious chapter.''
9 January 2022
''(...) Theirs is the perfect blend of indie-fuzz and indie pop, with a dark and honest undertone, and with that they are making their way out of the underground Amsterdam scene and onto the emerging international scene!''
8 January 2022
''There must and will be dancing when hearing The Klittens and the
Dutch have made that clear from the first second.''
7 January 2022
''Herkenbosch is a song that drips with enthusiasm, which makes you want to start a band yourself right away, and that's the best compliment you could wish for in 2022.''
8 January 2022
''Herkenbosch is irresistible, being so wilfully itself and catchy as anything.''



MARCH 8th 2024
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18 Octobre 2023
''The ease of Universal Experience's conception can also be found in the ease of its enjoyment, with an ear-worm chorus, bouncy instrumentation, diverting backing vocals and jazzy outro, the track can smoothly sail straight into your weekly rotation.'' 
20 Octobre 2023
''The Klittens are continuing to march to the beat of their own drum, a band unafraid to do it their own way and all the more intriguing as a result.''
19 Octobre 2023
''While they sing about the banality of existence, the ladies lift the heaviness of the verses with their wonderfully idiosyncratic sound''
5 December 2023
''Mixing the catchiness of pop and fuzz with the darkness of art-rock and post-punk, they’ve crafted a sound that’s truly and twistedly their own.''
4 December 2023
''The Klittens philosophise about choise-fear commitment with angular guitars.''
8 December 2023
''With the band set to embark on a UK tour with Personal Trainer early next year, The Klittens are going to be kicking off the year with a bang, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they end it on top of the musical world.''
5 December 2023
''In Atlas the group wonders out loud how you can speak on behalf of your future self.(...) 'Butter' promises to be a very layered and philosophical EP.''
15 March 2020, Hard of Hearing Music
''You think you know where you stand with The Klittens until they serve up a sonic curveball.''
15 October 2021, So Young Music
''There’s always been a nonchalance to The Klittens’ music, a sense that these five have decided that it doesn’t really matter if you may not be the most skilled instrumentalist as long as you write the coolest songs on the block.''
8 December 2023, For The Rabbits
''I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they end it on top of the musical world.''
27 February 2021, 3VOOR12
''May I call this band one to watch?''
5 December 2023, Dansende Beren
'''Butter' promises to be a very layered and philosophical EP.''