The Klittens are five musicians on a mission, untrained but unbothered. A band for those who have a knack for happy songs and sad sentiments. Their music is a surprising mix of indie-fuzz and DIY. The result: a repertoire that reaches from dark post-punk to danceable songs about grandma’s.

What initially started as a platform and creative outlet for political ideas, ended up in a group of friends that is growing into a professional band. An adventure that each of the members had always dreamed of, but never dared to make happen. The band members all started out with little to no experience, so every step the band takes is a learning experience. How do you rehearse? What equipment do you need? How do you get gigs? How do you write a song? This DIY approach is what makes The Klittens an unpredictable, but fun group of friends that are ready to experience every new step that they’re taking.

The girls are slowly crawling out of the Amsterdam underground scene: they toured the UK with York’s indie rock band Bull, supported SASAMI and Tacocat, and played shows with Dutch bands such as Personal Trainer, Pip Blom and global charming. One thing is for sure: don’t fuck with The Klittens.

The band released their first three singles in 2020 which got a lot of recognition, despite the pandemic and limited possibilities. They kicked off with ‘Manic Dixi Dream Girl’ (self-released), followed by ‘Bleeding Gums’ (Permanent Creeps, UK) and ‘Liebe Resi’ (Geertruida, NL). These three songs characterize the first ever studio experience of the band in IJland Studio with producer Remko Schouten (Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Claw Boys Claw, Canshaker Pi).

In April 2022 The Klittens have released their debut EP 'Citrus' (digital + vinyl) which included singles 'Canned Air', 'Herkenbosch', 'Pristine Blue' and 'Benson'. With Citrus The Klittens present their musical exploration in it’s full range from sweet to sour. The EP got received very good internationally and led to a tour throughout the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. Now The Klittens are busy writing new material which is planned to be released in 2023.

Photo by Josje van Stekelenburg
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